Behind The Scene: Video Production

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." - Henry Ford Quotes

Moving forward together is one of the core values at CHAINS. Yes, we are yet to claim ourselves experts on whatever we are doing (whether it is sneaker design or video production), but with passion and unity, we are already moving forward as we learn from doing. This behind the scene: video production demonstrates how CHAINS connected non-expert-but-talented people and made something great, together






Sure money could buy us perfect models, the best equipments, and professional photographers to make the most fascinating ads like the mainstreams, but here at CHAINS, we prefer the opposite. We would rather sketch our designs by hand, package our shoes, plan our advertisements, and write blogs in our own words. At the end, we might be far from complete or perfect, but at least we can claim CHAINS as truly authentic. 

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