Melo music video production

CHAINS is honoured to be one of the official sponsors of Melo Lv's new music video, "S.LOT". 

On April 10th, 2017, the rising artist from Vancouver, Melo Lv, released her fourth and most anticipated music video "S.LOT". The track, composed by Melo Lv herself, features a hip-hop/pop music style that captures the carefree lifestyle of young bloods today and their rebellious yet confident souls - simply put, a self-expressive reflection of herself. "S.LOT" also celebrates that unbounded and free-spirited characteristics of the Millennials; especially those who defies formality and pursues dreams freely. 

Eden K-pop

Eden Park 

Melo Dance

Melo Lv and the dance crew

CHAINS shoe box appears in S.LOT music video


Click here for more information on Melo Lv & Eden Park

Click here for S.LOT music video 

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